A big part of Coal Country Boilo’s mission is to preserve the tradition and history of the Pennsylvania Coal Region by sharing not only the flavors of the regions, but the stories. We aim to do our part in passing a piece of history down for future generations and take pride in working with local organizations to promote education and sustainability of these local traditions.

There are several ways we can work with your non-profit organization.


We offer sales promotions in multiple formats to fit your individual needs and preferences with a percentage of net sales to your organization. We can do this various ways.

As a singular one-day sales event.

An ongoing sales event.

A solitary sale or in conjunction with other fundraising promotions.

If you are not able to stock product we can arrange for on ordering system to be put in place.

You will have the option of pre-purchasing any quantity you like or receiving them on a consigned basis at the fundraising price with a balance due at a pre-determined date. In the case that any kits remain we will gladly return them and deduct them from the amount due.


Tastings are a great way to create intrigue. Depending on the crowd, tastings can be done with alcoholic batches or non-alcoholic batches. If someone is familiar with Boilo they will always want to try the recipe, even if they have their own. Knowing they’re getting a great deal on spices they wont find elsewhere is always a selling point.

If they’ve never heard of Boilo or simply have just never tasted it, the tastings are what sells it. It’s not enough to just tell someone about Boilo. They have to experience it.

During the holiday season tastings get very busy. I do my best to be able to attend as many as possible or have a member of my team attend. Because of the demand, they do need to be scheduled as early as possible. If there is no way I can possibly be on site for an event I am always glad to provide samples for tasting prior to.

Demonstrations and Workshops

Demonstrations and workshops are a great way to bring people together and the success we’ve had since beginning these programs has been astounding. there are several ways we have done these in the past however every event is typically a little different and tailored to the needs of the specific location.


Demonstrations are fairly simple but a great way to pique the curiosity of those around. With demonstrations we typically prepare a small batch of Boilo, giving tips along the way, teaching how to flavor your Boilo, making recommendations and answering any questions. When the batch is finished a tasting will follow and kits can be sold. This is great for a shorter time allotment, maybe an hour or so, or for events where people are in motion.


Workshops are a ton of fun and perfect for an afternoon or evening of education and entertainment. Workshops can be tailored to any size group or specific needs the group may have. There is no set in stone what a workshop MUST be held. Generally they are BYOB for several reasons. This not only eliminates liability from us and your organization but it allows for a wide variety of flavors to result as the batches are made.

I will typically request that each person attending provide their own container, a 12-16oz mason jar is commonly recommended, along with 1/2-1 cup of their favorite spirit. The size of the class determines the size of the batch that will be made. I make a traditional batch of Boilo using a classic Ukrainian recipe. While the Boilo is cooking away I talk a bit about the history of the area and Boilo, where the tradition comes from and how it settled in the coal region of Pennsylvania. I cover the list of ingredients and the properties they contain explaining why it was known as the Coal Miner’s Cure All and some of the lore behind the ingredients as well. There are typically handouts and often stories shared from the group.

After the base of the batch is finished I continue by showing a couple of methods to flavor your Boilo various ways and discuss several others. Depending on the size of the crowd, I like to end with three different flavors for the attendees to choose from. Although there may only be three flavors, because each person brings a different spirit, they all end up with a different final result. At the end I provide 1oz tasting cups for them to try their new recipe. (Note: non-alcoholic batches can also be made for take home where spirits be added as they wish)

These workshops have been loads of fun and a great success. Demand continues to grow for these year after year.

Always For The Individual

I take pride in my product and the traditions it upholds. I’m always filled with joy when I can be part of keeping history alive and continuing to nurture communities with the same values they were built on. That’s why this is one of my favorite parts of what I do. If working with Coal Country Boilo is something that would benefit your organization please contact me at the email below so we can make a plan to bring some Coal Country your way.

Amy Dougherty

[email protected]