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The Coal Country Boilo Cookbook Is Here!

What is Boilo anyway?!

A delightful brew of boiled spices, fruits and flavors that tickle the senses and put a smile on any set of lips it touches. In a time when hard work was a way of life and old world traditions were honored as the new world grew at incredible rates, Boilo was a household staple and delicious reflection of coal region culture.

Where did Boilo come from?

When eastern Europeans settled in the northers coal region of Schuylkill County Pennsylvania they brought with then a rich culture full of tradition. Among those traditions was a traditional delight called Krupnik, a delicious spiced honey liqueur known mostly throughout Poland, Belarus and Lithuania. Due the limited availability of ingredients in the early 1800’s, resourcefulness reigned and Boilo made it’s first appearance. Because Boilo is the sort of thing that was made at home, a myriad of recipes developed varying from family to family, town to town. Deriving its name from its method of cooking, Boilo begins with a traditional blend of spices and is brought to a boil with various fruits, honey and other ingredients before being laced with whiskey and served warm as a delicious and festive treat.

Commonly served at gatherings and on holidays, Boilo was also known as the coal miners cure due to the belief that it had healing powers amongst the mining men who often battled various respiratory ailments. Coal Country Boilo aims to bring this tradition to the public in a was that not only teaches and honors the traditions of our ancestors but ushers this crowd favorite into the future with modern twist on traditional recipes.

Our Product

Coal Country Boilo

When you purchase Coal Country Boilo you’re purchasing a window into history. Each kit comes with our traditional Boilo spices, carefully blended with tradition in mind, three(3) disposable pouches for easy clean up, a triditional recipe on the package and a link to this site with five(5) more common and traditional recipes in a PDF download to choose from. The three pouches allow you to create multiple batches of Coal Country Boilo so you can try your hand at all the flavors that strike your fancy. The beautiful thing about boilo is that there’s No Wrong Way To Boilo! and your creativity is the only limit.

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